PDXplorer™ 5.1 release notes

Published updates in the PDXplorer "5.1 series" software (all dates are UTC).

PDXplorer 5.0  •  PDXplorer 5.2

After you export a PDX package from your PDXpert client software, your supply chain partners use the free PDXplorer to view and export data, and save files, from the PDX package.

We recommend using PDXplorer 6.0 or later. The current PDXplorer release is available on the PDXplorer download page. 2019-12-02

New features and functions§

  • Top Level Items Tree in Summary panel displays isTopItem multi-level BOM for navigation.

  • BOM Tree in Details panel displays a multi-level BOM below the BOM items list.

  • New and upgraded view/export queries (PDXplorerQueries v1):

    • Attachment: Attachment ItemMaster. For PDXpert packages.

    • Change: Change Affected Items. For all PDX packages.

    • Item: BOM - Multi Level with 4 Sources. For all PDX packages, with Oracle, Agile and Arena custom.

    • Item: BOM - Single Level with 4 Sources. For all PDX packages.

    • Item: BOM - Single Level. For all PDX packages.

    • ItemMaster: Change Affected Items. For PDXpert packages.

    • ItemMaster: Change Attachments. For PDXpert packages.

    • ItemMaster: Part BOM - Multi Level. For PDXpert packages.

    • ProductDataeXchange: All Attachments. For all PDX packages.

  • Remember last directory used between sessions (and test for path validity on open).

Improvements to existing capabilities§

  • When table is inactive, the table's selected row background uses DarkGray as improved highlight instead of Windows light gray default.

  • Add non-PK SQLite indexes CreateSQLiteColumnIndex()

  • On upgrade, before overwriting PDXplorerQueries with new database, previous PDXplorerQueries version was always saved; new code checks if customer has changed existing PDXplorerQueries, and saves it only if different from original.

  • Load PDX faster by suppressing second pass in Main (remove AddElementGrid(){dg.GotFocus += DataGrid_GotFocus})

  • ItemMaster Queries list (PDXpert only) now includes both Item and ItemMaster queries.

  • ItemMaster Queries list (PDXpert only) now uses first word in query Name to hide irrelevant queries: Item (part or document), Part, Change.

  • Identify MasterControl PDX format

  • Revise help guide

Maintenance changes and fixes§

  • Item Master table is created when ManufacturerPart has no AdditionalAttribute Revision value.

  • Restore main window within new screen boundary after display size changes.

  • Scroll MainStackPanel to top when new package is loaded.

  • Selecting a navigation record in a different table (or tree) displays that row's Details even if the SelectionChanged() is not triggered.