PDXplorer™ 5.0 release notes (change history)

Published updates in the PDXplorer "5.0 series" software (all dates are UTC).

PDXplorer 4.x  •  PDXplorer 5.1

After you export a PDX package from your PDXpert client software, your supply chain partners use the free PDXplorer to view and export data, and save files, from the PDX package.

We recommend using PDXplorer 6.0 or later. The current PDXplorer release is available on the PDXplorer download page.

PDXplorer 5 is a completely new design with new features. PDXplorer 5 displays data as closely as possible to the PDXpert client layout (within the constraints of the IPC-2570 standards). Because it has different navigation, interface and export features, PDXplorer 5 can be installed and used side-by-side with PDXplorer 4.2 or earlier, if needed.

  • IPC-2570 compliant. Opens PDX files defined by product data exchange standards IPC-2571, IPC-2576, IPC-2578

  • Compatible with Windows 32-bit / 64-bit, including Windows 7 / 8 / 10 and Windows Server 2008 and later.

  • Displays both a PDX detail view and a multi-level bill of materials using SQL queries.

  • Open file attachments for viewing by simply clicking the file name or web link.

  • Flexible file attachment export: Extract a single file as well as all files attached to an item, or all files in the PDX package.

  • Text filtering of item names or special tags.

  • Optimized for use with PDXpert PLM software, and will extract PDXpert data extensions like MRP and Custom attributes.

  • Rich Windows® client built on Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.6 WPF supports easy PDX package navigation

  • Small download and quick setup 2019-06-27

Field validation release

  • Table-oriented data (parts, BOMs, sources, etc.) can be easily searched using a per-table Filter: function.

  • Data tables can be sorted by column, selected by rows, and copied to the Windows clipboard. Columns can be temporarily re-ordered, and their widths adjusted.

  • Window layout closely follows the PDXpert PLM client layout, to provide a more familiar navigation environment. Although PDXplorer can open PDX pacakges from other applications, some advanced features are unique to packages exported by PDXpert software.

  • Up to 10 times faster than PDXplorer 4.2 when opening complex PDX packages (>20K elements).

  •  Smaller working disk requirements than PDXplorer 4.2 because compressed attachments are expanded only if needed.

  • When a file attachment is included in the package, it can be viewed or saved from the package. External web links can be viewed in the default browser.

  • User can save all files in the package; files with duplicate (conflicting) names are automatically marked.

  • The IPC-2570 pdx.xml file is automatically converted to a temporary SQLite database. This database can be saved and custom SQLite queries can extract PDX package data as needed for other software systems.

  • Over 30 SQLite queries show parts, BOMs, sources, and attachments data. These can be exported as CSV files for manufacturing MRP/ERP systems and for the PDXpert External Data Importer tool. New SQL queries can be added to a separate PDXplorerQueries.sqlite database, which can be shared across PDX packages and with other PDXplorer 5 users.

  • A new application log file quickly identifies problems for IT specialists, such as non-compliant PDX packages or missing file viewer associations.

  • Separate per-machine installers for Microsoft® Windows® 64-bit and 32-bit systems. Requires .NET 4.6. 2019-07-09

  • Fix source package name (remove _Accelerator label behavior)

  • Only Summary panel filters can clear the Details panel

  • Replace Segoe MDL2 Assets font with custom vector images and Segoe UI Symbol font

  • Add new Open folder buttons for saved results & saved attachments

  • Registered MSI for antivirus "allow" list (e.g., x64 and x86)

  • Update setup & help instructions