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PDXplorer was developed as an exploration of the IPC-2571 Product Data eXchange standard. Our goal was to develop a simple, flexible and affordable product lifecycle management ("PLM") application that could manage product data similar to what's contained in an enterprise-level PDX package. That goal has been realized in PDXpert PLM software.

Our investigation found that there was not only a standard PDX package defined by IPC, but variations that affected interoperability within supply chains. So, we also looked at how these variations could be accommodated in a single PDX package viewer which we created as a Windows .NET component.

After we'd finished our work and began developing PDXpert PLM software, we found that many people were looking for a software program that could read PDX packages.

So, we've wrapped our PDX component in a very handy user interface, and offer PDXplorer at no cost to those who use PDX packages in their supply chain.

We'd be happy to receive your comments and suggestions.

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