PDXplorer™ 5.2 release notes

Published updates in the PDXplorer "5.2 series" software (all dates are UTC).

PDXplorer 5.1  •  PDXplorer 6.0

After you export a PDX package from your PDXpert client software, your supply chain partners use the free PDXplorer to view and export data, and save files, from the PDX package.

We recommend using PDXplorer 6.0 or later. The current PDXplorer release is available on the PDXplorer download page. 2021-02-01

New features and functions§

  • Add new data table tooltips, containing a line for each column header with its row data. [c33fd5e0]§

    Data table tooltip
  • Add new RefDes (Reference Designators) column to assembly detail's BOM table. [5bf65f01]§

  • Extract package's pdx.xml file into the package \Working folder. [8636f929, g437]§

Improvements to existing capabilities§

  • Include table headers when copying table rows to Windows clipboard. [835a5808,g377]§

  • Extend all tooltip popups to 60 seconds from 5s; delay initial show to 0.8s. [ab95595c; e3fa0959]§

  • Use a dedicated %TEMP%\PdxPkgTmp folder for file viewing, and clear unused content on app startup. [4d3d7ae3]§

  • PDXpert: move top-level item (Manufacture package) or change form (ChangeNotification package) to first Item Master row. Set change form row as bold. [52c41bb3]§

  • Improve error message on viewing unknown Windows file type. [042f0933]§

Maintenance changes and fixes§

  • Add ConceptLogix to package generators category list. [0a9ca433]§

  • Fix search token infilein to isfilein in ItemRelation table. [05f315e4]§

  • Fix copying complete table to clipboard by setting focus in  SelectionChanged(). [835a5808.2]§

  • Replace System.IO.Compression with Ionic.Zip [042f0933]§

  • Update libraries:

    • EntityFramework.6.3.0 updated to EntityFramework.6.4.4

    • NLog.4.6.8 updated to NLog.4.7.7

    • NLog.Config.4.6.8 updated to NLog.Config.4.7.7

    • NLog.Schema.4.6.8 updated to NLog.Schema.4.7.7

    • System.Data.SQLite.1.0.112 updated to System.Data.SQLite.

    • System.Data.SQLite.Linq.1.0.112 updated to System.Data.SQLite.Linq.1.0.113

    • System.Data.SQLite.EF6.1.0.112 updated to System.Data.SQLite.EF6.1.0.113

    • System.Data.SQLite.Core.1.0.112 updated to System.Data.SQLite.Core.