PDXplorer 4.x release notes (change history)

Published updates in the PDXplorer "4.x series" software (all dates are UTC).

PDXplorer 5.0

This release is obsolete, and no longer recommended for any purpose.

4.0.24399.0: 2013-08-27

  • New package comparison compares two or more PDX files and highlights the differences. Top-level items are matched on their itemIdentifier, itemClassification and globalProductTypeCode elements. [B5161]

  • New search window lets you search for text in PDX elements and attributes.

  • New multi-level tree display for any top-level Item elements (that is, where isTopLevel=Yes).

  • New navigation path buttons let you move between visited package nodes.

  • New context menu Copy command supports cliipboard copy/paste in most grids. [b1000]

  • Translated labels in German, French, Spanish and Chinese, with improved German translations. [c21262]

  • Re-open minimized app as restored. [b1001]

  • Refresh link messages. [b1002]

  • Open Oracle package even when PDX Contact element may omit two #Required attributes. [b1028]

4.1.25541.0: 2013-12-07

  • New custom export allows users to define custom CSV exports. Default export formats for use with PDXpert's External Data Importer and Agile 9.3. [b4144]

  • Support exporting data of a selected node. [c25471]

  • Display error message if file save to is already opened. [c25408]

  • Fix column number oder on CSV export. [c25426]

  • Fix default export filename to use XML filename= setting instead of name= value.

4.2.25840.0: 2014-02-19

  • When two PDX files are opened, and each contains exactly one top-level item, the content of top-level items (that is, where isTopLevel=Yes) are compared independent of their item numbers. [b5161, c25836 et seq]